The Warsaw based public test network has delivered speeds of up to 900Mbps

Orange and Ericsson have launched a 5G test network in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The test network has already achieved speeds of 900Mbps.

Orange has launched 9 sites in Warsaw, and customers with the Orange Neva Jet 5G smartphone will be invited to take part in the trial.   

“Today we are one step closer to launching the Polish fifth generation mobile network. We are technologically ready for this challenge. After more than a year of trials in laboratories and in the field, we have launched a network operating in the capital city. We will invite our customers to those tests, providing them with new 5G smartphones manufactured especially for Orange,” said Jean-François Fallacher, CEO of Orange Polska.

The test network will use a portion of the 80MHz of 3.4-3.6GHz spectrum acquired by Orange at the Polish spectrum auction. The initiative represents Poland’s first live, public trial and sees Ericsson continue to be at the forefront of Europe’s 5G rollout.    

“Ericsson has been leading the worldwide 5G rollout and now we bring the same technology to the heart of Warsaw. Our collaboration with Orange Polska together with our ongoing investment across Poland contributes to a wave of 5G innovation making Poland one of the leading nations for 5G in Europe. –  said Martin Mellor, Head of Ericsson Poland