The Neva Jet 5G smartphone will launch in Poland in 2019 and then across Orange Group’s European 5G networks as they switch on throughout 2020

Orange has become the first mobile network operator to launch its own-brand 5G handset, as the company further diversifies its already wide-ranging portfolio of products and services.

In addition to mobile and fixed telecommunication network services, Orange also offers banking services across Africa and Europe and has even diversified into utility supply in Poland.

By launching the Neva Jet series of handsets in Europe, Orange will become the first operator to turn its hand to producing 5G handsets. Orange said that the Neva Jet will initially be available on existing networks (3G, 4G, 4G+) in select markets in 2019, starting with Poland. It will then be available on Orange’s commercial 5G networks across Europe as they go live, starting with Romania¹ in 2019 and followed by its other European markets in 2020.

“As we gear up to launch our 5G networks in 2020, the Orange Neva jet is testimony to our long-held promise to deliver the very best innovation and technology. This is the start of that journey as we prepare customers for the arrival of 5G,” said Philippe Lucas, senior vice president, Customer Equipment and Partnerships at Orange.

The Neva Jet was an integral part of Orange’s pre-commercial 5G trials in Poland earlier this year.

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