The partnership would offer Orange Belgium the opportunity to expand its operations in Wallonia and parts of Brussels

Orange Belgium has confirmed its interest in forming an "industrial partnership" with Nethys and Brutele, the parent companies of Belgian telco, Voo.  

Voo offers digital television, super-fast fixed line broadband and mobile phone services to customers in Wallonia and parts of Brussels,

Exactly what form the partnership would take remains to be seen, and Orange Belgium has issued a statement stressing that it "fully respect[s] the governance of Nethys and Brutélé."

"Such a partnership would lead to the creation of a convergent national telecom operator with strong roots in Wallonia and the Brussels region, and to the launch of a major multi-year investment plan for very high-speed fixed and mobile networks in the Walloon and Brussels region. Furthermore, it would create a healthy, structural competition between 3 convergent players on the Belgian market, to the benefit of consumers," read a statement from Orange Belgium. 

Nethys and Brutele are yet to comment on the proposed partnership. Orange Belgium’s share price has been increasing steadily over the last week, as markets react favourably to news of a potential market consolidation. At time of going to press, shares were trading at €15.56