Orange Business Services is perfectly poised to capitalise on the convergence of the telecoms and IT sectors

As traditional revenue streams in the global telecoms sector continue to dwindle, operators are having to re-evaluate their core businesses and find new way to turn a profit.

Orange Group is well versed in this practice, having launched a range of financial services across its consumer division that have helped to bring in fresh revenue streams and boost the company’s bottom line.

Now Orange Group is looking to take on the enterprise sector and become a global leader through its Orange Business Services division.

This week, Total Telecom travelled to Paris to meet with Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services, to find out how the company plans to conquer the global enterprise sector.

"Orange Business Services sits at a crossroads because there is a coming together of the telco world and the IT world," Reisinger said.

 "We are trying to take advantage of this for the benefit of our customers and of course of our business. We want to be the trusted partner in our customers’ digital transformation."

"We believe that we have all the necessary ingredients to become a world leader in the internet of enterprises that is emerging.

"What is the internet of enterprise? If you look at it, we already have the internet of the consumer, in which we have 260 million customers. On the consumer internet side, you are primarily connecting people, helping them to share emotions. Its primarily a mobile play and there are strong influences from the American and the Chinese ecosystems.

"In the internet of enterprise world, it is not only about connecting people, it is about connecting objects and people. It is about connecting sites and processes. It’s not so much about sharing emotions and more about sharing information. As a company, whether you are big or small, you need to be able to protect your intellectual property, so the internet of enterprise is also about cyber security and the security of your intellectual property. It is not only a mobile system play, it is an ecosystem play.

"We believe that leadership in the internet of enterprise is still to be defined and still to be taken. Yes, America will have a big role to play in that but it needs a trusted partner for the enterprises to integrate those fantastic software upgrades from Microsoft, for example, who are key partners to us, to really make it work in an end-to-end reliable way across the globe.     

"We believe that we have the right assets. First of all, we are not a classical telco. Already today, IT services account for one third of our revenue.

"We have the largest global private network that is available for our enterprise customers. We have 9 security operation centres across the globe.

"Since 2013-2104 we have put a lot of emphasis on digital culture. It’s not only about the technology – it’s also about the culture and about the people. It’s about how you take advantage of sharing your knowledge but you need to do it with the human touch.