Orange has announced the operational launch of its European TowerCo, TOTEM.

Launched first by Orange in France and Spain on 1st November, TOTEM’s passive mobile infrastructure portfolio includes over 26,000 sites. TOTEM France will manage 18,500 macro-sites made up of 58% tower sites, 30% flat roofs and 12% in other locations. Whilst TOTEM Spain will manage 7,900 macro-sites comprising an equal split of tower sites and flat roofs.

After France and Spain, the two largest markets where Orange operates, TOTEM will explore the option of incorporating the Group’s other European passive mobile infrastructure assets. 

With the launch of TOTEM, Orange has set its sights on becoming a leader in the European TowerCo market. Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange, said: “TOTEM’s operational launch is an important milestone in our European infrastructure strategy. The creation of this entity will allow us to derive value from our passive mobile infrastructure, for which we have exceptional operational expertise. By opening up these assets to other operators, we will optimize its use. We are determined to support TOTEM on both a strategic and financial level, to make it an undisputed leader on the European market and to keep control of this strategic asset as part of a long-term industrial vision. By retaining control of our infrastructure, we have made a crucial decision for our future growth.”

TOTEM will act as a neutral and independent player and will offer mobile infrastructure sharing offers to other operators as well as selling coverage solutions to improve connectivity in densely populated environments (such as stadiums, trains, commercial properties).

TOTEM has been led by Nicolas Roy, former Technical Director of Orange France, since October 2021.