This week sees the launch of Orange’s new educational campaign on the use cases of 5G in Luxembourg and France; “The most innovative thing about 5G is what we’ll do with it”. 5G’s launch has proved a controversial topic across Europe with 2020 seeing a rise in the anti-5G movement. However, with this new campaign, Orange is seeking to paint the technology in a more positive light by raising awareness of its benefits and potential use cases.

The campaign, which is being broadcast by Orange and produced by Publicis Conseil, demonstrates the power of 5G networks to support innovations in education, culture, entertainment, healthcare, transport and more.
Speaking about the launch of the campaign, Orange’s Executive Director of Communication, Brand and Engagement, Béatrice Mandine said, “For Orange, 5G represents positive progress, as it will be useful to our society. Since its launch, most of the focus has been on its technical and functional aspects. We wanted to go beyond this dimension to raise the general public’s awareness about the countless uses made possible by this next generation network. Every sector will benefit from the positive contributions of 5G: healthcare, entertainment, industry, transport and so on. The most innovative thing about 5G is what Orange and its customers will do with it.”
Also commenting on the project was Publicis Conseil’s President overseeing creativity, Marco Venturelli, “We wanted to give this technology meaning, go beyond divides and show how it can be useful to everyone”.
Click here to watch Orange’s new campaign.