Recent stories in the press had linked Orange to a possible merger with Deutsche Telekom and subsequently a potential acquisition of Portugal Telecom

European giant, Orange, has rebuffed recent speculation in the press over its reported intention to acquire or merge with one of its key competitors.

In recent weeks, it was revealed that Orange had held talks with Deutsche Telekom over a potential merger, but that these talks had proved inconclusive.

It has also been suggested that Orange was poised to make a $7 billion surprise bid for Altice’s Portugal Telecom, in an attempt to expand its reach in southern Europe.

However, the company’s CEO delegate, Gervais Pellissier, denied that Orange was planning any M&A activity at all in the foreseeable future.

"Regarding our mergers and acquisitions strategy, footprint expansion is not a priority for us. Consolidation in Europe is not on the agenda," Pellissier told journalists at the Orange in Europe event in London on Wednesday.

Pellissier also pointed out that attempted consolidation mergers often result in the new parent company eventually having to resell a large percentage of the assets it has acquired.

"Those who have made these kind of acquisitions recently, and the most recent was Telefonica’s acquisition of O2, they have had to resell a huge part of the footprint. They sold on all their Eastern European footprint to local players and only retained the part in the UK and Germany," he said.

Orange has the second biggest fibre networks in Europe, with 25 million connectable homes spread across the continent.