Orange has revealed three new 5G test initiatives in the area surrounding Paris

Orange has extended its 5G tests in Greater Paris, rolling out test zones in the city’s Opera district, Chatillon and Linas Montlhery.

The announcement comes after French regulator ARCEP reached an agreement on the allocation of 5G spectrum in the 3.4-3.8GHz range.

Orange intends to set up a designated 5G platform intended to demonstrate 5G usage on the move, at its Orange Opera megastore.

In Chatillon, Orange will offer its partners the opportunity to test new products and services at the company’s 5G laboratory at the Orange Garden site. This laboratory will provide ultra-low latency test environments and speeds far in excess of those currently available on 4G networks.

Research at the 5G laboratory in Chatillon will focus on areas such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Orange has also allocated spectrum for 5G testing in Linas-Montlhery, where the company will conduct research surrounding autonomous and connected vehicles. Orange will work closely with specialist firms in the field of smart transportation to spearhead a number of key initiatives in this area.

In addition to the three new 5G testing locations, Orange also has 5G testing facilities in Lille, Douai and Marseille.  

Orange’s SVP for Radio Networks will be discussing "The Future of 5G" at this year’s Total Telecom Congress. Click here for a full agenda and to find out how you can be a part of the show.    


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