Press Release

MapR Technologies, a pioneer in delivering one platform for all data, across every cloud, announced that Outbrain, the world’s leading premium discovery platform, is using the MapR Converged Data Platform to serve as the foundation for its new content delivery platform. With MapR, Outbrain leverages advanced algorithms to produce more sophisticated and targeted content while helping publishers understand their audiences through data – resulting in a more customised customer experience, better click-through rates, and increased revenue.

Outbrain captures 10TB of data per day and has 2PB of data on the MapR Converged Data Platform. With MapR, Outbrain gained a more efficient production and testing environment that easily handles this volume, allowing for more advanced analysis to interate and improve its algorithms. In addition, MapR has enabled Outbrain to take advantage of ecosystem advancements like Apache Spark, Hive, Sqoop and YARN for a greater competitive advantage.

Outbrain has a monthly global audience of 557 million consumers, serves 250 billion recommendations a month and operates on three data centres with more than 6000 servers. As the company has grown, Outbrain has added a significant amount of data. Their previous system was unable to scale and maintain availability and performance requirements as the data volume increased. Furthermore, Outbrain needed more agility to refine its algorithms quickly to meet changing business needs. They sought to address the problems by building an entirely new and innovative solution that would grow with them.

“At Outbrain we do our best to connect audiences and great content and we need a platform that could scale with our business and give us the ability to quickly generate more sophisticated personalised recommendations,” said Orit Yaron, vice president cloud platform, Outbrain. “MapR provides a highly available and resilient solution that meets our performance and analytics needs, and also drives innovation within our company.”

The MapR Converged Data Platform supports real-time processing of a broad variety of data types, including files, documents, images, database tables, and data streams. MapR is engineered to meet the most stringent speed, scale, and reliability requirements within and across multiple edge, on-premises, and cloud environments. The Platform is designed to serve as a system of record and to support transactional workloads, with comprehensive high-availability, data protection, and disaster recovery capabilities.

“Outbrain needed to have active and fast paced continuous deployment with dozens of daily commits to continue on track while maintaining a stable production environment,” said Anoop Dawar, senior vice president, product management and product marketing. “We’re thrilled to be at the centre of Outbrain’s recommendation platform and enabling them to focus on innovating their business to keep them ahead of the competition.”