Press Release

P3, the global leader in wireless network performance, engineering and optimization, today announced the rollout of its enhanced mobile network testing services in Latin America. P3’s unique, three-pronged testing framework combines drive and walk tests, on-device smartphone measurements and expert technical analysis to provide operators with a 360-degree view of mobile network quality, performance and the wireless customer experience.

P3 engineers have been testing wireless devices, mobile network quality and performance around the world for more than 15 years. In 2016, P3 compiled more than 60,000 measurement hours in 65 countries across five continents, covering nearly 622,000 miles.

P3’s Latin American team is led by P3 communications Inc. CEO Dirk Bernhardt and spearheaded by a group of experienced device, network and application engineers based in the Sao Jose dos Campos area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Our benchmark reports can help Latin America’s network operators see how well they are delivering wireless connections to customers and how they stack up against competitors,” Bernhardt said. “Our P3 benchmarks already are the de facto industry standard throughout Europe. In fact, in all the markets we benchmark, the performance of the mobile networks has improved. The UK is a great example. The enormous improvements in call quality and performance over the last three years show that UK operators have enhanced the capabilities of their networks with strategic investments and optimization activities. This is a clear indicator that transparency drives quality.

“But all testing and measurement companies are not created equal,” Bernhardt continued. “The value of the data they produce is only as good as their methodology. Our comprehensive and objective tests are unique in their level of detail and performed using our suite of proprietary and certified diagnostic tools. The results show what’s technologically feasible today and whether operator investments in infrastructure are delivering significant benefits to customers.”

P3’s competitive analysis of wireless voice and data services is based on the P3 Score, which takes into account growing customer expectations and increasing data usage and speeds by raising the requirements and thresholds of the tests each year. Test algorithms also are updated every year to reflect the latest customer and network trends.

“Several years ago we introduced crowdsourcing to collect data that shows what people are doing on their smartphones, the real-world coverage they get, as well as the amount of data they consume with various apps and activities. Our public and managed panels currently include hundreds of thousands of smartphone users worldwide and collect about 4 billion data records every month. We recently signed new agreements that will expand our panel to include millions of additional users around the globe,” Bernhardt said.

P3’s core software development kit (SDK) works in the background of a number of consumer utility and private label smartphone apps to collect key data on app usage as well as individual wireless device and network performance. Crowdsource information is collected around-the-clock throughout the year as anonymous data.

“When you combine the experiences of hundreds of thousands of smartphone users, you get a very clear picture of what customers want from their mobile networks,” said Bernhardt. “This in-situ customer experience data is added to the objective performance data collected through drive and walk tests to provide a full 360-degree picture of competing networks. The results provide critical insights that enable operators to optimize their networks. Operators who want to stretch their budgets can use crowdsourcing to pinpoint areas and services that require additional investment. For 2017, crowdsource data and new KPIs have been added to our P3 benchmarks.”

In addition to testing network performance, P3 provides a broad portfolio of independent technical and management consulting services including device testing and certification, engineering and optimization, interference mitigation and cutting-edge network intelligence. P3 clients include mobile operators, device manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, public safety organizations and regulatory authorities.

P3’s other office hubs in the Americas include Morristown, N.J.; Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Mich.; Greenville, S.C.; Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Mexico City; and Mississauga and Montreal, Canada. As in all locations, P3 will provide its full portfolio of services from the Sao Paulo office.

“Improving network performance will pave the way to 5G services in Latin America,” Bernhardt added. “P3 already is preparing for this next generation mobile technology by developing the new testing and measurement methodologies that will be required to assess and optimize the IoT services of the future.”

P3 will join Latin American mobile operators and global thought leaders as an exhibitor at 5G Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, April 25 – 27, 2017. For more information about P3 visit