Press Release

Paritel, an operator specializing in B2B telecommunications solutions, announced a new agreement with Metaswitch Networks, a Microsoft company. This collaboration will allow Paritel to offer new unified communication services and to enrich its Neoconnect © solution with advanced features.

The Future of telecoms
In a world where work has become more and more nomadic, and teleworking and flex-office practices are fast becoming the norm, operators must adapt. Nomadism, induced by the proliferation of devices and the advent of the connected office, must be accompanied by increased data security.
Paritel, an infrastructural operator, introduced its Neoconnect solution, a unified communications service, in 2018. Neoconnect is accessible from a landline phone, smartphone or computer, and also allows you to host videoconferences and create discussion groups on the company’s network. All data is secure, with robust end-to-end encryption in place to meet increasingly important IT security needs.

International expertise at the service of Paritel
Three years later, Paritel decided to fortify it’s soluton by tapping into the expertise of Metaswitch. The upgraded offering includes administration tools that are fully configurable and can be integrated with most of the support software. Metaswitch is a specialist in the development of unified communications and collaboration solutions for network operators, with a broad global customer base.

Constantly evolving since its creation thirty years ago, Paritel has been able to adapt to market expectations. And this collaboration with Metaswitch allows Paritel to implement convergence solutions tailored to all types of business. The agreement also represents a large investment in Paritel’s core network, enabling Paritel to offer the best of unified communications and collaboration tools to its customers, regardless of their indistry or size of their business. This new platform will be made availale in late 2021 for all customers, exisiting and future.

“Working with Metaswitch will allow us to enhance our unified communications offering and cater to the specific needs of our customers, in particular large accounts and mid-sized companies. Neoconnect will open up a range of possibilities and provide many opportunities for our customers to succeed in their digital transformation, support their development strategy, manage their budget and above all achieve their objectives,” explains Jean-Philippe Bosnet, president and founder of Paritel.

“We are pleased to further our relationship with Paritel,” said Mike Aspinall, EMEA Sales Leader at Metaswitch. “As a long-established owner of telecom and network infrastructure, with well over 100 technical experts and 40 branches throughout France, Paritel is an ideal partner to deliver a high quality, branded unified communications experience to European businesses.” For more information on the Metaswitch business services portfolio, visit