If anyone doubts the ability to control a driverless vehicle over 5G, Sony Corporation and NTT DOCOMO have sought to put your mind at rest. Sony’s Sociable Cart, a so called entertainment vehicle – carrying passengers – has been driven on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean whilst the ‘driver’ was in the Sony office in Tokyo, 2,500KM away!

The vehicle was equipped with image sensors providing better visibility than human vision on the vehicle’s front, rear and sides. This provided high-resolution video of the vehicle’s entire perimeter to be viewed by the remote operator taking advantage of 5G’s low latency, large capacity and extra-high-speed connectivity. The use of ultra-high-sensitivity sensors together with high-resolution monitors allowed the operator to view surroundings clearly, even at night without using headlights!

DOCOMO say they will use knowledge obtained through this trial to enhance customer experiences in entertainment fields, including overseas travel.

Sony's Sociable Cart (SC-1)

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