5G provides a plethora of unique opportunities for capitalise on, but carriers must be prepared to collaborate to maximise RoI

Global carriers must be prepared to collaborate and evolve new business models in order to capitalise on the enormous potential of 5G, according to senior industry sources.

Speaking to Total Telecom at the Carriers World event in London on Wednesday, PCCW’s chief strategy officer, Mike van den Bergh, said that carriers must act now to safeguard their future revenue streams.  

“Expanded 5G capabilities will create a wide range of new opportunities for carriers,” he said.

“The growth in traffic provides carriers with a huge opportunity to offer wholesale transport solutions both domestically and internationally to mobile network operators around the world.

“It is also an opportunity for operators to move beyond connectivity and collaborate across sectors to provide innovative solutions, serving everything from machine-to-machine services and autonomous vehicles to remote healthcare and video delivery services,” he added.  

Van den Bergh emphasised the need for a collaborative, collegiate environment in the industry, in order to create sustainable revenue streams.

“To capture these new opportunities, carriers will have to partner heavily with other ecosystem technology providers such as smart city services, vehicle management, data analytics and blockchain, driving a massive uptick in the adoption of enterprise IoT both domestically and across national boundaries,” he said.

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