Press Release

Pluribus Networks, the leader in open networking and controllerless software-defined networking (SDN) automation, announced the immediate availability of the Pluribus IoT Video Security Fabric. Working with Dell Technologies, the jointly-developed SDN-enabled networking solution dramatically simplifies the provisioning and operation of IoT video networks for security and surveillance. The new solution extends the powerful capabilities of the Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Safety and Security, addressing applications such as safe cities, campuses and transportation.

With the proliferation of IoT-enabled cameras and higher definition video streams, public and private organizations have sought to deploy effective security monitoring and response systems without overtaxing their resources, networks or budgets. Using traditional IP networking technology, many organizations have found it challenging to build and manage a highly distributed IoT video network capable of efficiently handling hundreds or thousands of video streams sent to multiple monitoring, collection and analysis points. To meet demanding safety and security objectives, these video streams
must be delivered with wirespeed performance, high availability, comprehensive visibility and dynamic
real-time routing to new endpoints.

The new IoT Video Security Fabric addresses these challenges. As an advanced service of the Pluribus Netvisor ONE® operating system and Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ running on Dell EMC PowerSwitch, the IoT Video Security Fabric creates a unified, automated multi-site network fabric with highly efficient multicast streaming that enables full visibility and one touch fabric-wide provisioning for efficient operations. The innovative SDN-enabled distributed multicast forwarding architecture delivers high performance and bandwidth efficiency over any existing transport network without the complexity of typical multicast networking technology. The IoT Video Security Fabric also incorporates secure traffic segmentation to ensure IoT video streams are isolated from other applications. Organizations deploying IoT video networks now have a powerful, flexible and secure solution that eliminates much of the complexity and expense of traditional IP networking infrastructure.

“Video surveillance is a uniquely demanding, distributed application getting increased attention in both private and public organizations. In these environments, Pluribus’ ability to automate the deployment of unified, application-aware network fabrics across multiple sites using the Adaptive Cloud Fabric delivers great value by simplifying network operations and reducing operational costs. Being built on open network switching hardware from Dell Technologies and open Linux software provides additional flexibility and cost efficiencies as well,” said Paul Parker-Johnson, Chief Analyst at ACG Research.

“The IoT Video Security Fabric is a powerful and innovative approach developed specifically to address customers’ IoT video networking pain points,” said Drew Schulke, vice president of Networking for Dell Technologies. “We see this as another option to provide our customers with a secure way of streaming video.”

“Organizations of virtually any size and scope can benefit from a network that delivers IoT video streams to multiple endpoints with on-demand network reconfiguration, but traditional IP networking architectures have been too expensive, inflexible and operationally complex to meet these requirements. That changes with the IoT Video Security Fabric we’ve introduced with Dell Technologies. Now IoT video security can be deployed and operated cost-effectively over any IP-capable network,” said Kumar Srikantan, CEO at Pluribus Networks.