The deadline for preliminary bids was set for the 23rd of April, but now the operators will have to wait indefinitely to get their hands on 5G spectrum

Poland joins a number of countries, including Spain, Portugal, Austria, France, and the Czech Republic, in delaying their 5G spectrum auction due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The nation’s telecoms regulator, the Office of Electronic Communications (Urzad Komunikacji Elektronicznej), announced on Friday that it would be stopping the 3.6GHz spectrum auction process, just days before it was due to receive initial bids from the operators on the 23rd of April.
The initial bids were invited in back early March, with four 15-year licences up for grabs. At the time there was only a handful of cases of the coronavirus in Poland and the regulator was confident that the initial deadline for bidding would be unaffected, but the number of confirmed cases has since increased to nearly 10,000.
No alternative deadline has been proposed at this time, with the regulator presumably waiting to assess the situation in more detail before committing to another time frame.
While many European countries have taken the prudent decision to delay their 5G auction, Slovakia is currently going against the grain, inviting bids for 1GHz spectrum at the start of this month, with a deadline set for the 25th of May. 
However, with over a month still to go there is still plenty of time for the Slovakian regulator to pull the plug.
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