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Fujikura Europe has launched a new range of 90R mass fusion splicers designed to significantly reduce overall working time for engineers and help bring forward network improvements, increase capacity and reduce network congestion.

The move comes as telecoms companies across Europe take unprecedented steps to protect networks experiencing significantly higher demand as a result of mass home-working.

In the UK, following the first week of lock-down, BT reported a 20% increase in day-time use over its fibre network. And it, alongside Sky, O2 and Virgin Media, has joined forces with the regulator on a Stay Connected campaign to advise households how to reduce congestion.

Meanwhile the European Commission has negotiated with streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube to reduce streaming quality to protect infrastructure as traffic surges.

Fujikura’s new technology is key for network operators and engineers looking to speed up work on the network. The new 90R series, which significantly reduces overall working time against the previous range (70R+), consists of three separate models:

– 90R4 which is designed to splice up to 4 fibre ribbon cables simultaneously

– 90R12 which is designed to splice up to 12 fibre ribbon cables simultaneously

– 90R16 which is designed to splice up to 16 fibre ribbon cables simultaneously

Neil Bessant, Fujikura Europe’s Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager, said:

“In mass fusion splicing, it is a long-standing issue that glass particles which have evaporated and subsequently cooled as part of the fusion splicing process can stick to both the discharge electrode and V-groove area. This in turn can lead to fibre offsets and high losses if they are not regularly cleaned, adding to the overall process time.

“It can prove challenging to remove the glass particles that accumulate within the V-groove area, which often makes it necessary to return the assembly to a repair centre for removal of these glass particles.

“The 90R series solves this long-standing issue with a first of its kind, user replaceable V-groove assembly which incorporates electrodes to make this issue a thing of the past. This is supplied as standard with the 90R range.”

The new V-groove assembly can be quickly and easily fitted in the field, minimising downtime and maximising productivity at a time when maintaining the network is more important than ever. The new design also enables splicing of both 250um and 200um pitch fibres and is fully compatible with single fibres, standard encapsulated ribbons as well as Spider Web Ribbon types.

Faster working time has been achieved through a combination of improvements which as well as the replaceable v-grooves includes improved reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater. The 5-inch LCD touch screen, which enables engineers to make use of Fujikura’s Active Blade Management Technology, can now also connect to two CT50 cleavers simultaneously.

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