Press Release

IS-Wireless, Polish provided or 4G and 5G solutions initiated an online meeting of scientific community and researchers from around the world, dedicated to discussing the future of mobile networks, their next generations and development of 5G in an open standard. It served as a next step of the #5GMadeTogether initiative, aiming to unite business and science around the idea of building next generation mobile networks in the Open RAN model.

Lectures, presentations by event’s guests and the debates revolved around the recent scientific progress made in the field of network security, utilisation of ML/AI, edge computing and cloud RAN, as well as the testing platforms and research environment of Central Eastern Europe. Host of the meeting, CEO of IS-Wireless dr Slawomir Pietrzyk highlighted that research activity is an essential element of developing network products. That is why – in his opinion – involvement of the scientific community in the dialogue with business and public administration is necessary, when next generation mobile networks and cooperation in the field is considered. – Our sector is headed in the right direction, but the road towards 5G, and eventually 6G, requires deep cooperation between these communities and sharing of our experience. There are obstacles and challenges ahead of us, but by working together we can overcome them – said Slawomir Pietrzyk. He noted that his company is an example of such a joint effort. IS-Wireless employs a dedicated R&D team in its ranks, comprised of experienced researchers. – We have been involved in international scientific projects and managed to gather the top researchers from Europe and the US to discuss the progress made in the field of 5G network development and its future – he adds.

Technical aspects of 5G and the need for cooperation
The meeting hosted under the banner of #5GMadeTogether featured over 40 leading researchers from universities and R&D facilities, actively participating in the telecom revolution around the world as well as representatives of tech companies, start-ups, and members of the research team at IS-Wireless. The participants included prof. Walid Saad of Virginia Tech (US), prof. Jordi Perez-Romero from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, prof. Ahmad Ijaz from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, prof. Sofie Pollin from KU Leuven (Belgium), prof. Ana Garcia Armanda from University Carlos III of Madrid, prof. Osvaldo Simeone from King’s College London, prof. Geir Horn from University of Oslo and Walter P. Nitzold, Principal Research Engineer at National Instruments, Dresden.
The debates during the meeting allowed scientists to present results of their research in novel areas such as mMIMO, optical-wireless networks and neuromorphic computing and communications. Participants noticed that despite the dynamic growth of research fields and upcoming trends in development of mobile networks, such as Open RAN and cloud RAN, there is still much work to be done, when cybersecurity is considered – While 5G is inherently more secure than previous standards, we still do need to address some security issues e.g., in the Edge. Some challenges known from past network generations remain to be solved and require our attention – said Ian Goetz, Network Architect at Dell Technologies.

Initiators of the #5GMadeTogether meeting state that it provided a foundation to develop a platform for discussing future of network management, energy efficiency, and current challenges, such as using AI and assuring security of mobile networks. – Deep, international cooperation is crucial for developing 5G and beyond projects. It allows for growth of start-ups and makes it possible to respond to the increasing demand for innovative network solutions in all of the sectors of our economy – said Janez Sterle, Founder and CEO of the Internet Institute, Slovenia.