Press Release

The global march towards 5G will pick up the pace in 2022 and set its course towards Open RAN solutions and development of private networks in industry production plants and cities. Thanks to neutral hosts, connectivity will become more prevalent in rural areas. Polish Open RAN 5G solutions provider shares predictions of trends to take over the 5G stage during the upcoming twelve months.

Last year the global 5G market turned towards developing mobile networks in the Open RAN model, allowing more players to compete and innovate in the field thanks to interoperable, open interfaces and granting a chance to solve the issue of vendor lock-in. According to experts at IS-Wireless, a Polish company offering Open RAN 4G and 5G solutions, the trend will become even more relevant in 2022. – Open RAN share in the 5G RAN market globally as well as interest in its capabilities will keep on growing in 2022. The stakes are very high and players around the world will try to have their piece of the Open RAN market. Its significance is confirmed by appeals made by Europe’s largest operators to the officials, asking for regulatory support for implementing such networks as well as the financial prognoses. These point to a steady growth of the Open RAN sector, supposed to generate $15 billion in revenues between 2020 and 2025 – Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO and founder of IS-Wireless explains.

Looking at 2022, the provider also predicts a major increase in the number of implemented private networks and recognition of their potential. The trend has already established a solid presence around the world (e.g., in Germany, Japan and Great Britain), wherever the local regulations allow for using a specific range of frequencies in the 4G and 5G spectrum locally by minor players to develop private networks. The predictions state that the industry will benefit from the growing trend the most as it moves towards the principles of Industry 4.0. – Production and manufacturing plants will be able to implement 5G networks independently of telecom operators, to boost automatisation and robotisation and benefit from security and capabilities far outclassing e.g., the WiFi technology. Savings of time and financial resources are expected as a result – Slawomir Pietrzyk says.

Neutrals hosts strengthening their position

According to predictions of the Polish 5G solutions provider, the role of neutral hosts in building and offering access to mobile networks independent of traditional telecom operators will gain steam this year. Neutral network owners will become more prevalent on the market in 2022 and offer capabilities of their infrastructure to telecom operators looking to increase their reach without having to develop their own networks in a given location. Experts at IS-Wireless believe that the trend will be particularly important in rural areas, commonly excluded from access to mobile networks. Neutral providers may move into such areas and offer their infrastructure to multiple telecom operators at the same time, leading to a win-win-win situation for both parties mentioned and the inhabitants of the area in question. Becoming a neutral host may also become an attractive alternative for cities in 2022, especially as the idea of smart-city becomes more relevant.

– Cities implementing 5G networks to fulfill their own needs and for commercial purposes may become more common in 2022. Building a private network by the city officials acting a neutral host will not only allow them to handle the increasing local needs of modern cities resulting from ever-growing amounts of data in a manner independent of legacy operators, save up resources previously devoted to making payments for using a third-party network but also to make profit. Cities may begin offering access to their infrastructure to other entities, including telecom operators. Perhaps in 2022 we will see cities taking up this opportunity – Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO and founder of IS-Wireless speculates.

Back in November 2021, IS-Wireless was identified by the largest EU telecom operators as the only European player in the 5G market providing a complete software solution for building Open RAN 5G networks. According to the company experts, this year will bring a significant boost in development of 5G networks, with Open RAN solutions gaining even more recognition and private networks becoming more prevalent.