Press Release

ProLabs, a global leader in optical networking and connectivity solutions, today revealed its latest plug and play optical solution, the Clarity Auto-Tuneable DWDM Transceiver, empowering service providers to simplify on-site set up while saving costs and time to deploy new services.

As the need for bandwidth continues to increase exponentially, identifying solutions to maximise infrastructure is imperative to the cable market. The latest solution from ProLabs has been designed to support existing network infrastructure, offering service providers an innovative solution for a truly plug and play deployment experience. With no host intervention required, the Clarity Auto-Tunable DWDM Transceiver is simply plugged into the host device and passive mux and the transceiver does the rest.

“While the idea of tuning is not new, the industry has become accustomed to products that require software or a separate device to perform this functionality,” explained Raymond Hagen, Global Product Manager at ProLabs. “With Clarity, service providers are able to achieve faster deployment and reduced costs as it eliminates the need for technicians to track fibres or carry extra equipment to program the wavelength of each module during deployment.”

Clarity Auto-Tunable DWDM transceivers are compatible with any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) switch platform that supports SFP+ transceivers including switch platforms that do not natively support tunable transceivers. The transceivers have the capability to auto-discover and self-tune to individual wavelengths without manipulation by OEM platforms or peripheral devices, reducing the complexity of tuning to specific wavelengths in the field.

“From tuning transceivers to fit within Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing networks to monitoring DWDM networks to troubleshoot issues, ProLabs provides a complete set of end-to-end solutions designed to save service providers time and money and we are excited to showcase these solutions with attendees at LINX 2019,” added Hagen. “The latest addition of Clarity to the portfolio provides service providers with a whole host of complementary products that will prove essential as networks aim to meet the growing demands for increased capacity and high-quality connectivity brought by 5G.”

The cable market constantly faces the challenge of meeting ever-increasing bandwidth demands while maintaining or reducing Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operational Expenditure (OpEx). As this challenge intensifies, Multiple System Operators (MSOs) will continue to implement new technologies and network architectures. One example includes the use of Remote-PHY (R-PHY) technology to deliver digital DWDM signals in the network, over fibres rather than traditional analogue or QAM signals.

Using DWDM transceivers allows a more effective use of the fibre resources available, which results in MSO subscribers being able to utilise higher bandwidth alongside advanced services. Service providers’ costs can be reduced further as the need for transceiver tuning equipment is eliminated due to the DWDM technology self-tuning advancement.

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