At Submarine Networks EMEA 2020, Hexatronic’s Business Manager for Submarine Solutions, Anders Ljung caught up with Total Telecom to discuss unrepeatered cable systemsand their importance moving forwards in the submarine cable industry. See below for the interview in full.

More about Hexatronic

Hexatronic has the technology and experience to deliver unrivalled unrepeatered systems. With a focus on durable high fiber count designs, Hexatronic offers cost-efficient cable designs of exceptional quality. From island interconnects to regional festoons, river and harbor crossings to inland routes, we have practical solutions for all types of project. From our dedicated facility in Sweden, Hexatronic are proud to offer market leading cable manufacturing timescales. Working closely with our customers we have a flexible approach to system design and an exceptional track record of delivery. Visit Hexatronic’s website to learn more about their unrepeatered cable products or contact Anders Ljung directly.

Submarine Networks EMEA

Anders Ljung co-moderated a roundtable on "Unrepeatered cables – design, development and disaggregation" at Submarine Networks EMEA in February 2020 with SubCableNews’ Editor Eckhard Bruckschen. You can view their overview of the session here.

Submarine Networks EMEA is the largest subsea focused conference in the region and will return to London on 16th and 17th February 2021. Head to the event website to keep up to date.