The new full fibre network will help the Belgian region of Flanders evolve and strengthen its digital economy

Belgium’s biggest operator, Proximus, has signed an agreement to rollout a superfast next generation network, to transform connectivity across Flanders.

Last year, the Flemish government announced that it wanted to see the region transformed into one of the connectivity centres of Europe. To achieve this, it has commissioned a superfast, next generation network to transform the economy of the region.   

"Proximus is actively rolling out its fibre network. In time, we intend to cover the centres of all cities and municipalities in Flanders with this future-oriented network, in order to offer households the best connectivity possible. In addition, we will focus on connecting as many companies as possible to this network, which will considerably boost digital development. We share this objective with the Flemish government and welcome its vision, which aims to facilitate the roll-out of this network as much as possible," said Dominique Leroy, CEO Proximus Group.

The Flemish government has said that the network must meet four key criteria, namely: future-proof capacity, sufficiently high coverage, open access for other market players, a fair and competitive access fee.

"I am happy we were able to join forces with the private sector to achieve our four objectives and set up a digital ecosystem in which innovative applications will be available to companies and households. We have concluded clear agreements, made mutual commitments, and will together strictly follow the implementation of this MOU," said the Flemish Minister for Innovation Philippe Muyters.  

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