Press Release

LS telcom’s Automated Online Frequency Management System is now fully implemented and in operation at the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Qatar. The system automates around 180 different workflows of spectrum allocation, assignment and licensing in support of the updated spectrum licensing framework and spectrum fee policy, which was put in place in Qatar in July 2015.

The e-Spectrum Services Portal, which is compatible with computers and mobile devices, provides data entry facilities for frequency license applicants. Users are able to apply for new licenses, renew, modify and cancel licenses online. They can also make online payments, as the Portal is integrated with an e-payment gateway.

LS telcom’s Automated Frequency Management System (AFMS) is fully integrated with CRA’s Automated Spectrum Monitoring System (ASMS).

“The two systems, which have been launched, are one of main infrastructure that Qatar invests in to improve the overall performance of the institutions and government entities for their interest, and to enhance economy and community benefits by using advanced and innovative technologies. Using the advanced technologies on a large scale in government work field has become an integral part of the work effective management,” said His Excellency Jassim Bin Saif Al-Sulaiti during the inauguration of the two systems on 17th January 2017 in Doha, Qatar.

“The system that we implemented in Qatar is one of the most advanced spectrum management systems in the world. It not only fully digitizes spectrum management and licensing; it also integrates with CRA’s spectrum monitoring system, and administers and analyses monitoring measurements. The licensing process, based on automation and digitalization as well as measured spectrum data, brings highest efficiency to spectrum management and increases revenues,” explained Manfred Lebherz, CEO and Member of the Board of LS telcom.

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