The X55 is the latest in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series of chipsets

US chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm, has launched its brand new Snapdragon X55 modem at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. 

The X55 chipset has been designed to power the next generation of 5G smartphone handsets and other compatible devices such as tablets. 

“Qualcomm Technologies is spearheading the first wave of 5G launches with our first generation 5G mobile platform. With significant evolution in capabilities and performance, our second generation commercial 5G modem is a true testament to the maturity and leadership of our 5G technology. We expect our 5G platform to accelerate 5G commercial momentum and power virtually all 5G launches in 2019 while significantly expanding the global 5G rollout footprint,” said Cristiano Amon, president, Qualcomm Incorporated.

The Snapdragon X55 has been designed for global 5G rollout plans and is compatible with all commercially available spectrum frequency bands. The 7-nanometer single chip integrated modem can deliver download speeds of 7Gbps and upload speeds of 3Gbps over a 5G network. It can also achieve download speeds of 2.5Gbps over existing LTE networks. 

The chipset allows for dynamic spectrum sharing between 4G and 5G networks, allowing operators to expedite their 5G rollout plans.