Press Release

An agreement between Italtel, TOP-IX and CSI Piemonte made it possible to test the first prototype of the new Italtel Quantum Secure Network product in the TOP-IX network. QSN was developed by Italtel for QKD (Quantum Key Distribution), one of the most mature quantum technologies, ready to provide concrete answers to the need for security of information transmitted over communication networks. CSI Piemonte will provide the case study on which to start the experimentation.

Enhance the security of data, infrastructures and public services through the use of quantum technology. This is the goal of the collaboration agreement signed between Italtel, CSI Piemonte and TOP-IX for the implementation in Italy of the first feasibility demonstration of the implementation of quantum technology to support IT security. The agreement makes it possible to test a new Italtel product, called Quantum Secure Network, which exploits the Quantum Key Distribution, a form of encryption that allows data to be transmitted with very high levels of security.

The purpose of the collaboration is to identify the requirements and define the methods of insertion on the TOP-IX network of the QSN product, which consists of a QKD transmitter and receiver to be installed at the ends of an optical fiber link.

"The common interest between Italtel, TOP-IX and CSI is to collaborate on a technological level in both research and innovation – says Luca Ferraris, Head of Marketing, Innovation & Communication at Italtel -. The QSN solution, which represents the first completely European technological solution within the QKD, adopts one of the most mature quantum techniques to give concrete answers to the need for data and communications security. Thanks also to this collaboration, we aim to develop products and solutions based on a technology that, over the next few years, we believe will have extremely significant impacts in all sectors where data security is a crucial factor ".

“Italtel and TOP-IX share the importance of establishing a strategic collaboration in the field of research and innovation on Quantum Technologies, starting with QKD – says Davide Calonico, Presidente del consorzio TOP-IX –. The QKD market is still in its infancy, but it has enormous potential and we are proud to be the first in Italy to experiment with this technology on our networks, thanks to the technology provided by Italtel”.

“This collaboration agreement is very significant for the CSI – underlines Pietro Pacini, Director General of CSI Piemonte -. We will experiment with a technological solution that takes us years forward in identifying new solutions to strengthen the data protection we manage for the Public Administration. A pervasive theme for us compared to the activities we carry out for our members who must be able to count on the maximum safety of the services we provide for citizens and businesses ".
The development of QSN was carried out by Italtel in the context of a project co-financed by the European Commission through EIT Digital (European Institute of Technology).