Press Release

Qvantel, a pioneer in BSS Digital Transformation solutions and services, announces Qvantel Digital Express – a ready-made solution that allows operators to quickly dive into a modern, fully digital business in as fast as 4 months. Digital Express provides out-of-the-box customer journeys for digital touchpoints perfected for consumer self-service.

Digital Only customer experiences have already disrupted multiple industries and changed the ways consumers behave when discovering, buying, and consuming various types of services. The telecom industry is now seeking fresh, radically more efficient methods of doing business to serve customers according to their new expectations and needs.

Qvantel has created Digital Express to shift operators into the fast lane to quickly launch a purely digital customer experience. This shift enables increased customer satisfaction, as well as delivers significant saving opportunities in marketing, customer care and operations. With this new approach to digitalization, operators can achieve simplification of their business, radical efficiency gains, and deliver superior digital customer experience without the limitations and costs stemming from legacy systems.

The Digital Express solution is provided for an operator as a service from operator’s own data-center or public cloud for maximum efficiency and convenience. The solution also provides business agility with easy-to-use tools and dashboards, predictive customer service modules to create, manage, and monitor their offerings towards different customer segments.

Qvantel Digital Express features quick and simple digital onboarding journeys with a mobile application, as well as a user-friendly eShop and eCare experience on the web that is driven by underlying catalog and data-driven channel intelligence engines. To support innovation and quick adaptation to Operator requirements, Qvantel’s solution is built using the open BSS API framework based on TM Forum specifications.

Qvantel’s Head of Product, Jaco Fourie, says: “For the past 10 years, we have pioneered the cloud-based approach for successful accelerated introduction of greenfield businesses and parallel brands. Now, packaging the key elements of pure digital business to Qvantel Digital Express enables operators take decisive actions to rapidly set-up digital business without the constraints of legacy business lines and systems.”