Press Release

Qvantel, a pioneer in the field of cloud-based telecom Business Support System (BSS) solutions and services, today announces it has signed a multi-year service contract extension with the Finnish telecom operator DNA Ltd. Following the recently signed accord, Qvantel will provide and support all of the BSS solutions of DNA with Qvantel Digital Business Support System as a Service (BSSaaS).

DNA operates in the highly competitive Finnish market, which is characterized by very high mobile terminal penetration, unlimited data plans, and advanced customer base with elevated expectations for digital customer experiences in all steps of the customer journey. To compete in markets like this, operators need to pay attention to business efficiency with competitive BSS cost base and focus on a high level of automation. They also need agility of business for staying on the edge of customer expectations, the ability to rapidly react to competitor’s moves, and to be able to meet, exceed and carefully monitor customer satisfaction across the customer touchpoints.

“Co-operation with Qvantel gives DNA a flexible and trusted model of co-operation, which is of paramount importance when responding to customers’ ever changing and increasing expectations in a very competitive market place. Moreover, we are happy to rely on Finnish expertise whenever possible,” says DNA Ltd.’s Chief Information Officer Janne Aalto.

Eugene Sarmiento, Qvantel’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, says: “We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with DNA and help DNA to meet its vision for digitalization. We are committed to their success and growth through the enhancements of the digital customer experience and entry into new lines of business. Our customers’ success is #1 in our agenda and this long term partnership is proof of joint success with Qvantel’s Digital BSSaaS.”