Press Release

Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, today announced it will showcase its Radware Bot Manager solution at the RSA Conference, (South Expo Booth 555). The result of the acquisition of ShieldSquare in January 2019, Radware Bot Manager service offers comprehensive protection for Web apps, mobile apps and APIs from all generations of automated threats (bots) targeting applications and systems.

Bots represent a problem for businesses, regardless of industry. While some are “good” bots that automate and accelerate business processes, others (roughly 26% of internet traffic) are “bad,” disrupting service, stealing data and performing fraudulent activities. To complicate matters, Radware’s research shows that 79% of organisations cannot make a definitive distinction between good and bad bots, and sophisticated, large-scale attacks often go undetected by conventional mitigation systems and strategies.

Radware Bot Manager complements its existing Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection offerings, providing out-of-path on-premises and cloud solutions that deliver comprehensive bot protection. What’s more, it leverages patented Internet-based Deep Behaviour Analysis, identifying the intent behind attacks and providing accurate classifications of genuine users, good bots and bad bots, including sophisticated 4th generation bots that typically evade even the advanced protection solutions.

“Integrating ShieldSquare into our Attack Mitigation Solution Portfolio gives our customers quick access to the comprehensive solution they need to detect and prevent large-scale bot attacks,” said Anna Convery-Pelletier, Chief Marketing Officer for Radware. “By proactively detecting and blocking malicious bots, organisations across industries can avoid major financial impact of lost revenues around Account Takeover Attacks (ATO) and Denial of Inventory use cases.

"Indeed, Radware Bot Manager helps organisations reduce expenses and increase revenue by fending off fraudulent activity, securing inventory availability which may be held or cleared by scrapers, eliminating the need to increase capacity to accommodate bot traffic volumes, and correcting skewed marketing analytics that were subject to malicious bot activity."

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