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With the surge in network demand for better connections and high data throughput, deployment of 5G has been accelerated and so is the demand for testing 5G networks.
Challenges in 5G network testing

– 5G test equipment is a bit expensive due to its huge demand
– Performing 5G testing is critical and time consuming till it reaches to analysis stage
– Mass deployment of tool to field test engineers will require higher investment

To overcome these challenges, RantCell has come up with an app based 5G testing solution( that is compatible on Android devices and can execute your network tests easily, here is why-

– Deploy app on mass scale to field engineers to perform 5G drive test based on various testing cases
– Facilitation of 5G cell tower Single Site verification and automated reporting
– Compatible with most of the Android smartphones (supported on latest 5G devices only) available in the market
– Data is uploaded in real-time thus saving time in post-processing and further investment in such tools
– Perform analysis on web-based dashboard and generate PDF reports to share it among colleagues to analyse test QoE/QoS data
– Reduce your manual efforts and testing time by 20-30%
– Real-time upload of network test data from 5G test device to RantCell cloud
– Automated reports.
– Supports 5G NR KPIs for Non-standalone (NSA) 5G testing that depends on LTE core and Radio Access Network (RAN) with
5G carrier aggregation.
– 4G and 5G throughputs can be monitored separately while doing NSA 5G speed tests.
– 5G NR (New Radio) drive testing can be performed around dual connected 5G cell towers where both 4G+5G parameters are measured.
– Allowing operators to connect UE to LTE base station (primary node) and 5G base station (secondary node) with ENDC, permitting devices to access 4G LTE and 5G test networks simultaneously.
– 24/7 5G base station monitoring
– Remote monitoring of 5G base station
– Allocation of network slice as per the use case or customer needs
– Validation of network slices once it is defined and implemented
– Identification of no data connectivity coverage areas

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