The pair have overhauled Vodafone Egypt’s online services portfolio, allowing it to launch new products and services at scale

Red Hat has teamed up with Vodafone in Egypt to fast track the company’s digital transformation initiative. Red Hat has deployed its Cloud Suite to advance Vodafone Egypt’s online services and boost operational efficiency.

Via its Customer Experience Excellence Programme, Vodafone Egypt aims to deliver a range of tailored, bespoke services to its 40 million customers. Thanks to its partnership with Red Hat, Vodafone Egypt has been able to dramatically improve its time to market with a range of new products and services.  

"By rebuilding its customer service portal with Red Hat’s container-based and hybrid cloud technologies, Vodafone Egypt can embrace an agile, DevOps-powered approach designed to more flexibly launch and manage services. We’re happy to support the company on its path to enhancing customer experiences as part of its broader group-wide CXX strategy," said Santiago Madruga, vice president, EMEA Telco & ICT Vertical at Red Hat.

Terough its collaboration with Red Hat, Vodafone Egypt has been able to launch a host of products and services at scale. Vodafone Egypt’s operations team built its applications with microservices architecture and adopted a range of DevOps practices to help it iterate faster and more often. It also decided to containerise its applications, in order to abstract them from the underlying architecture, helping to decrease complexity and improve portability across the company’s IT footprints, including hybrid cloud environments.

"Our company’s ultimate goal is to provide customer-centric, cutting-edge services while maintaining world-class network performance and optimum network resilience. In a competitive marketplace, agility is key to success and with Red Hat’s solutions we are able to respond more quickly and efficiently to customer demands with innovative products and services," said Osama Said, technology director, Vodafone Egypt.

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