Press Release

For most Telecoms companies, “the newer the better” tends to be the rule of thumb when purchasing. Core networks systems on the other hand are slightly different; the core technologies from an operational perspective remain roughly the same, with newer and faster features added over time to accommodate the increase in demand . This also means you don’t have to buy the latest hardware just because your vendor sales-manager suggests it.

So why would should you consider buying second user telecoms systems? Here are five great reasons:

1. Maximum compatibility
Second user telecoms hardware is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your existing telecoms network. Purchasing refurbished additional capacity hardware will not affect performance or create compatibility issues with existing infrastructure as second user equipment will drop straight into your existing telecoms network.

Which means that upgrades typically complete more quickly, lowering the overall cost of your projects.

2. To stretch the telecoms budget
Second user hardware is generally always cheaper than brand new, so the initial purchase price is lower. This allows you to build or extend a telecoms network for less and offers the opportunity to buy more equipment without increasing the overall budget.

Buying second user equipment also avoids the usual push to purchase a costly ongoing maintenance contract with the OEM. Instead you can choose your own third party support provider to look after the system – and again, their service is likely to cost less each year.

3. To regain control of the upgrade cycle
Telecoms companies make money from selling comms hardware, and support contracts to protect it. Which is why your vendor account manager will open talks about upgrading or replacing your system as soon as possible. OEMs also withdraw support for older hardware as a way to push customers into migrating away from their existing, working platforms.

Choosing used hardware allows you to sidestep forced upgrades; you can extend and maintain your telecoms networks as long as you want. You upgrade when you choose, not when the OEM decides you should.

4. To maintain familiarity
Over the years, your engineers have become familiar with configuring, maintaining and supporting the existing telecoms network technology. Changing to a new platform means restarting the learning process – and taking a productivity hit until users and engineers get up to speed.

Choosing to extend your system with second user hardware ensures that the same levels of productivity are retained because everyone already knows how to use it.

5. To secure tried-and-tested hardware
Buying second hand telecoms hardware is not like visiting a jumble sale and rummaging through a box of dirty odds and ends from someone’s loft. All equipment has been cleaned, factory tested, refurbished and reset to confirm everything is in full working order.

Often equipment has been pulled directly from the original owner’s comms cabinets where it has been faithfully providing a reliable telecoms service for many years. The hardware is tried, tested and reliable.

A very sensible choice
These five benefits are just some of the reasons you should seriously consider purchasing second user telecoms equipment. It may not be as sexy as brand new kit, but the cost and efficiency savings alone should help you win the approval of your board.