Press Release

Medallia Showcases Commitment to Environment, Social and Governance Policies

Medallia, the global leader in customer and employee experience, has announced that René Carayol has been named Executive Vice President of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

"It is a real privilege to be joining Medallia,” said Carayol. “With the exposure and experience I have had advising others on how they best take their firms forward in terms of all the constituent parts of ESG; from climate change, sustainability, social justice, the future of work, governance and much more, I now have the unique opportunity to bring this all into practice in the most dynamic and special of environments.”

Reporting directly to Medallia President & CEO Leslie Stretch, Carayol will play a vital role in establishing an integrated ESG strategy across Medallia’s business.

“Introducing a hyper-focused approach to how we monitor and optimise our business based on ESG criteria is essential for the long-term success of Medallia,” said Stretch. “There is no better individual to lead this initiative than René. I’m looking forward to partnering with him and addressing ESG matters that are most important to our business and stakeholders to help accelerate the growth of Medallia and the industry as a whole.”

René has advised CEOs in the Fortune 500, Financial Times Stock Exchange 100, and all around the world. He specialises in leadership, culture and transformation, drawing from his own unique experiences on the boards of the biggest international organisations; from Pepsi to IPC Media and the Inland Revenue. René’s corporate success has seen him travel the world and inspire businesses to make far-reaching changes across the globe.

Also today, Medallia announced the release of the first annual Medallia Global Impact Report. Prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Software & IT Services Sector Standard, highlights include:

More than $1.5M USD in product-value, volunteer hours, and funding to support over 50 non-profits globally.
Updates on policies and actions in support of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Data on progress towards these goals is available now at
Details on Medallia response to support customers and communities dealing with COVID-19.
Steps to reduce company environmental impact through improved management and operations of Medallia technology and physical infrastructure, corporate policies, and strategic partnerships.

“We must do more than pay lip service to diversity and inclusion, and I believe that our environmental and social goals must be considered as part of the fabric that ties our company together,” continued Stretch. “René’s vision and leadership will help drive us forward, and our annual report helps ensure we are accountable to our customers, our communities, and our employees.”

Medallia is dedicated to leaving the world better than we found it, and to creating powerful products and delivering services that empower others to do the same. To download the full report and learn more about our commitments to environmental, social, and corporate governance visit: