Press Release

RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced the expansion of its RingCentral Connect Platform at ConnectCentral 2017, its second annual user conference. In today’s multi-cloud applications environment, open platform integrations are critical to enabling intelligent business workflows. RingCentral is taking an ecosystem-friendly approach to workplace communications with new powerful AI, chatbot, and application integrations, including:

? RingCentral for Alexa® Skills: RingCentral’s integration with Amazon Alexa–powered devices will:
? Enable users to naturally interface through voice to request playback and respond to voicemails
? Send and check SMS messages
? Start a RingCentral outbound call and SMS through the RingCentral app

Demonstrated live at ConnectCentral 2017, this integration is expected to be available in the RingCentral App Gallery and Alexa Skills in late 2017.

? RingCentral for Gmail: A native integration with G Suite, RingCentral for Gmail is an add-on that intuitively surfaces key contextual RingCentral capabilities within Gmail for both desktop and Android applications, with iOS coming soon. Users can:
? Promote an email conversation to a RingCentral call and send SMS from Gmail
? View recent call history, voicemail, and SMS messages
? See presence for online/offline status of their RingCentral contacts

? RingCentral for Slack: Designed to bring meetings and calling capabilities into the Slack messaging platform, the RingCentral for Slack integration empowers Slack users to:
? Use standard slash commands to access RingCentral
? “Meet” to start a RingCentral video meeting
? “Call” to start a RingCentral audio conference

RingCentral for Slack is available in the RingCentral App Gallery and requires both a RingCentral Office® subscription and a Slack account.

“RingCentral’s ambition is to do for business communications what the iPhone® has done for personal communications—make it open, integrated, and pervasive,” said David Lee, Vice President of Platform Products at RingCentral. “Our open platform is unique in the cloud communications and collaboration market, and serves as a testament to our belief that cloud plays a transformational role in defining the digital workplace of today and tomorrow.”

RingCentral has also advanced its integrations for the Glip® messaging platform, with AI and chatbot enhancements to better automate processes and enable seamless workflows for end users, including:
? Kore.AI: A chatbot platform partner of RingCentral, Kore.AI has enabled four leading bots within the Glip platform, including Salesforce, Twitter, Asana, and Trello.
? A conversation intelligence platform for sales teams, the integration provides call transcription and analytics within the collaborative Glip platform, so teams can replicate best sales practices and drive effectiveness at scale.
? Salesforce Alert Bot: Salesforce Alert Bot in Glip captures Salesforce events and sends notifications to Glip teams. This feature enables sales managers to have immediate updates on opportunities without having to open Salesforce in a separate application. We expect to have this Bot be available in early 2018.