Press Release

Kit facilitates installation of individual fiber connections that are capable of withstanding repeated deployments in challenging indoor or field conditions.

As the number of indoor and outdoor fiber optic network installations continues to proliferate – particularly with mobile broadcasting applications – the need to terminate high-density, small-OD fiber cables into multiple individual terminations is becoming more pronounced. To meet that need, Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has introduced customizable Fan-Out Kits designed for the point-to-point cabling of multiple fiber strands for a variety of applications, including audio production, video production, satellite uplink connections, and data networks.

The Forge Fan-Out Kits, which may be self-installed or factory pre-installed on a cable assembly, enable the installation of stripped cable fibers to be secured individually into modular fan-out insert pucks, each of which has up to 48 inches of furcation tubing pre-secured in the puck housing.

This kit was developed to provide a very robust way of breaking out the individual fibers within a cable to single connectors while maintaining the physical strength of the cable – as opposed to having exposed bare or buffered fiber.

The Forge Fan-Out Kit is specifically designed to reduce the degree of difficulty in making individual fiber terminations and reduce the possibility of making faulty connections. The two-piece clamshell housing design minimizes the risk of damaging fibers during installation process while maximizing the protection of the fibers for applications such as enterprise networks and field broadcast applications.

With 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, and 24-fiber models available, this new kit also provides a broader range of fiber counts to meet specific needs.

Also unique to the OCC Forge Fan-Out Kit design, configurations are available either with all tubes in yellow, orange, or aqua to indicate the fiber type, or with each tube a unique color, per TIA color code, to aid in quickly identifying fibers.

“Many end-users want all one-color fan-out tubing,” explains product manager Scott Fitzgerald. “For those customers, we can provide Fan-Out Kits with 12 yellow tubes to indicate single mode fiber. But we can also provide kits with 12 tubes each of a different color, so the customer knows whatever terminates into a given color on one end comes out of the same color fiber at the other end. This helps to expedite fiber connections when time is of the essence.”