Samsung and Verizon will begin offering 5G smartphones in the US in 2019, a full 12 months before rival Apple

US telco Verizon has revealed that it will begin launching Samsung’s 5G handsets on its networks in the US in the first half of 2019. 

The new smartphone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G NE chip set, with a proof of concept prototype set to be unveiled at Qualcomm’s annual conference later this week. 

 “5G will usher in a new era of mobile connectivity, allowing people to connect to data, experiences and other people in ways never thought possible,” said Brian Higgins, vice president, wireless device and product marketing at Verizon. 

“Together, Samsung and Verizon have made huge gains in bringing 5G commercial services to consumers in several cities. Now, we’re partnering to create a smartphone to put the power of 5G in the palm of your hand.”

With rival Apple’s decision to wait until 2020 to launch a 5G compatible iPhone, Samsung’s decision to launch in early 2019 could give it a one-year head start over its US rival in the race to attract the first generation of 5G customers.

“Samsung offers end-to-end solutions that are accelerating the wide scale adoption of 5G and help us realize our vision of truly connected living,” said Justin Denison, senior vice president, Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “We’re proud to work alongside innovative partners like Verizon and Qualcomm Technologies to deliver a smartphone that will fundamentally transform how people work and play.”


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