Service providers – big and small – see the benefits of open, more agile, more programmable, and highly scalable networks. However, the inability to gain experience in a cost-effective and risk-mitigated manner has kept service providers from investing time and money in it. In addition, operators have grown through acquisitions, and hence, have a disparate collection of networks and management systems across their entire footprint that increases the complexity of testing new systems.

ADTRAN introduces the SD-Access Accelerator, a suite of bundled turn-key Professional Services and pre-integrated Residential Central Office Re-Architected-as-a-Datacenter (R-CORD) Point of Delivery (PoD) systems that leverage ADTRAN’s award-winning, Software-Defined access architecture – Mosaic, providing the most comprehensive, standalone, and pre-integrated R-CORD solution in the market. With a minimal upfront investment, Service Providers and Operators have the ability to test and experience SDN in a controlled environment. The system can be used in both test and live environments.

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