Press Release

Secfense, a European cybersecurity company that focusses on strong authentication has just adapted to W3C new FIDO2 security standards.

Earlier this year, in March 2019, a huge step towards passwordless future has been finally taken. This new standard is called Web Authentication (also known as WebAuthn) is supported by most native devices and it basically frees the user from remembering the passwords to web applications.

The WebAuthn’s main goal is to replace passwords and make mobile devices serve as authentication tools. Many of the browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Safari have already started to support WebAuthn.

What Secfense has just proposed to the business environment is easy adoption of Webauthn mechanisms so every company regardless of the industry could protect their resources with strong authentication rather than passwords.

Secfense will be showing the adoption of Webauthn mechanisms on telecommunication apps in London Total Telecom’s event later this year and in Dubai during Gitex technology show.

About Secfense
Secfense helps big organizations protect against phishing and credential theft. They do that by creating an intermediary security layer making it super easy to introduce any two-factor authentication method or other user access policies without developers, contractors or third-party code. Secfense did to 2FA what virtualization has done to infrastructure.
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