Press Release

Usecrypt, the world’s most secure communication technology and Warsaw-based privacy movement, has announced that its messenger application is now available internationally from Apple’s AppStore.

Usecrypt Messenger is the first messenger application that offers a fast, simple, and fully secured way to make calls, send text-based messages, and share files. Data is not stored on Usecrypt’s server, which makes messages and call logs impossible to restore once the user permanently deletes them. Usecrypt offers fully secured messaging, crystal-clear domestic and international calling capabilities, is hacker-proof, and gives full at-rest and in-use protection with IP address anonymity for iOS and Android users.

Popular messaging programs and applications promise privacy or user control, but in reality, they all have backdoors that are prone to hacks, data retrieval, or software bugs. In the recent investigations of President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and personal attorney Michael Cohen, the FBI easily retrieved multiple pages of messages and call logs from the encrypted communications platforms, WhatsApp and Signal. WhatsApp allows manual and automated scheduled backups to iCloud, where files are no longer protected by the app’s end-to-end encryption.

Usecrypt uses a patented method of encrypting digital data, Hybrid Virtual Key Management (HVKM), in which one unique half of the user’s encryption key is stored on their device, and the other half stored on the Usecrypt server. In addition to HVKM, Usecrypt has additional layers of protection that ensure the highest security for its users.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the world’s first fully secure messaging application on Apple App’s Store, as part of our commitment to helping people protect their privacy,” said Jakub Kokoszka, co-founder of Usecrypt. “At Usecrypt, we passionately believe that using social media apps should not mean compromising security, or giving up personal data.”

“There are too many programs and applications that promise privacy or user control, but the latest headlines have shown that they all have backdoors that are prone to hacks and software bugs. Unlike our competitors, we don’t store and save copies of a user’s entire phone book or share data with potential advertisers. We believe that your data should be yours and yours alone. With Usecrypt, we are bringing that privacy back into the hands of our users,” added Jakub Kokoszka.

Usecrypt has experienced rapid user-base growth in 17 countries, and Usecrypt Messenger recently ranked as the top paid social networking app in Poland on Apple’s App Store. It is also available from Google Play, for Android devices, with a monthly per-user subscription cost of $14.49.