Press Release

Secure64, the leading provider of Genuinely Secure DNS servers, and Mavenir, the leader in accelerating and redefining network transformation for Service Providers, today announced a partnership to provide NFV-ready and highly scalable IMS systems to global telecoms.

“Our partnership with Mavenir allows us to bring our DNS expertise to voice signaling through our ENUM product,” says Joe Gersch, President & CEO, Secure64. “Our unique technology provides extremely fast call completion which increases customer satisfaction and reduces load on the network. Additionally, our Genuinely Secure authoritative server protects both end users and carriers against malicious attacks.”

“Secure64 provides a small but critical piece of our IMS solution,” says BG Kumar, President Core Products Division, Mavenir. “As carriers migrate from SS7 to IMS, they have the ability to roll out new products with far greater speed and flexibility. Partnering with Secure64 has allowed us to bring our open and NFV-ready solution to market quickly.”

Secure64 and Mavenir are actively working projects in more than 20 countries globally.