Carbon peak and carbon neutrality are major strategies for China to achieve green and low-carbon development and build a beautiful China, which requires active actions from all industries. The Central Committee proposed requirements for accelerating the development of the next-generation information technology and promoting in-depth integration of emerging technologies with green and low-carbon industries. These requirements fully demonstrate the important role and prominent position of the new infrastructure, represented by data centers and computing networks, in achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Based on the concept of green and low-carbon development, China Mobile Shanghai has established and improved the energy-saving and emission-reducing control mechanism, and conducted the special action on saving energy and reducing carbon emission to firmly implement green development. China Mobile Shanghai has carried out energy-saving and carbon-reducing actions by optimizing energy structures and promoting green development culture to fully support China in achieving the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals as scheduled.

China Mobile Shanghai actively introduces green and clean energy technologies. During previous Import Expo events, China Mobile Shanghai and its partners jointly promoted energy-saving actions, such as reducing energy consumption of air conditioners through energy-saving reconstruction of outdoor cabinets and adjusting device operations online using intelligent algorithms, making the network of Import Expo more intelligent and energy-saving.

Shanghai Lingang Data Center Obtained the Highest Level Green Certification

This year, equipment room 7 in Shanghai Lingang Data Center Phase II (Yangtze River Delta) of China Mobile obtained the 5A certification for green data centers, the highest certification level for green and energy-saving data centers in China, jointly issued by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the TGGC (China). In addition, the data center won the Excellent Award in the first green energy innovation contest themed enabling carbon peak and carbon neutrality with the information and communications industry.

Introducing the Next-Generation Information Technology to Promote Intelligent Data Center Construction

Lingang Data Center, located in the Lingang area of Shanghai, is a key node of the “4+3+N+X” strategic layout of China Mobile. According to planning, the data center will cover an area of about 250,000 square meters in total. Equipment room 7 in the data center integrates the digital delivery platform BestDC to implement intelligent construction, and has the highest construction level and most advanced technologies. This data center project aims at intelligent security control, refined quality management, controllable progress management, network-based cost control, and green construction. In addition to digital design and construction, the project introduces technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud platform, big data, and edge computing as well as leverages the upgraded CPMS system capability to perfect the intelligent construction solution of China Mobile. Under the leadership of China Mobile, this project explores 5G + smart construction, laying a foundation for future data center construction.

Actively Using Low-Carbon Technologies to Lead Digital, Intelligent Production

A series of energy-saving technologies are being widely used in the Shanghai Lingang Data Center. China Mobile Shanghai uses micro-module standard construction for the edge side, and manages the equipment room cooling system in a refined manner. In autumn and winter, natural cooling sources instead of mechanical cooling sources will be used for cooling, while in other seasons, chillers, water pumps, and cooling tower fans run in dynamic frequency conversion mode, saving more than 2 million kWh of electricity in a year.

In addition to strengthening the application of low-carbon technologies in the industry, China Mobile Shanghai also leads the in-depth transformation of digital, intelligent production in the energy field, transforming the energy development mode from centralized and extensive to distributed, intensive, efficient, and green.

In the future, China Mobile Shanghai will continue to make progress in the information technology field in an all-round and multi-angle manner, enhance technologies, and improve power efficiency to accelerate the development of greener, more efficient, and sustainable data centers, helping achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.