Press Release

HomeGrid Forum has today welcomed Shengyang Electronics as its latest member at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg. The Chinese RF specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of technologies and how they can be applied for M2M and IoT use cases. It is expected that the company’s recent investment in technology solutions will see their first product gain HomeGrid certification by the end of this month with small volumes then available for sampling in Q3-2022.

Shengyang Electronics (SY-E) is owned by Zhejiang Shengyang Science & Technology and has been operational since the end of 2021. Based in Guangdong, China, with a world class RF design facility in the UK (MWave). SY-E designs and manufactures high quality, cost effective, solutions for the world’s largest satellite broadcast and mobile operators and their OEM suppliers.

HomeGrid Forum’s President Livia Rosu said “It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome ShengYang Electronics among HomeGrid Forum members. Their great knowledge of technology will help unlock the potential of M2M applications that need resilience and real-time synchronization like autonomous robots, smart buildings and factory automation processes. ShengYang team’s participation in the Industrial IoT Task Force and multi-vendor interoperability certification program will support the core principles that drive the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

The first ShengYang product seeking certification is a Module addressing industrial applications, targeted at customers which are looking for a robust and reliable connectivity solution deployed using an existing wiring infrastructure. SY-E Industrial’s module allows solution providers to immediately deploy a POC, alongside a business model which allows for the same module to be deployed for quick mass production roll out.

SY-E’s Production, Quality and R&D teams have a wealth of experience which they will bring to the other members of the HomeGrid Forum. They will be sharing their innovation insights, and developments and experience on performance for technologies, specifically innovations in M2M possibilities.

ShengYang Electronics General Manager, Robert Xu adds, “Joining the HomeGrid Forum brings huge benefits from recognition of being a member, having a shop window for certified products, and the ongoing dialogue with other member categories and workgroups such as silicon providers through to OEM’s and importantly end user Corporations which drive the future applications and requirements for the technology going forward. MWave, our UK based facility in Aldermaston, Berkshire will spearhead the launch of the products in Europe, supported by the R&D team that developed the first product.”