Spread across eight categories, the awards recognise the innovation and achievement of those companies who are at the forefront of Britain’s digital transformation


Total Telecom has released the shortlist for the inaugural Connected Britain awards. The awards drew applications from every corner of Britain’s connectivity landscape, from local and national government bodies to small, niche operators, as well as huge multi-national firms.  


The Superfast Award

As the UK looks to grow its digital economy, the provision of superfast connectivity will be absolutely paramount. Gigabit capable broadband has the potential to transform the UK’s digital economy, and is therefore a key priority for local and regional governments alike. Despite the clear benefits on offer, it’s a costly endeavour for companies looking to roll out fibre to the home (FTTH) services.  

The Superfast Award celebrates those companies who are willing to grab the bull by the horns and fast track Britain’s digital transformation. In total 9 companies were shortlisted for this award and it is fair to say that this could be the most hotly contested category of the entire ceremony.


Barrier Removal Award

Britain’s digital transformation is still in its infancy, and the UK has some way to go before it can claim to be a true leader in Europe’s digital space. Despite this fact, the UK government has set a number of ambitious targets around connectivity in the UK, with the intention of sending the country shooting up the European league tables. To that effect, the Barrier Removal Award celebrates those companies who have gone the extra mile to cut through the administrative red tape and fast track Britain’s digital transformation.


Community Improvement Award

The Community Improvement Award recognises those companies who have taken a decidedly local focus in their efforts to transform Britain’s digital landscape. This award drew applications from a wide range of applicants, including local government, niche firms and national champions of connectivity.


Fibre Connectivity Award

Britain’s key broadband stakeholders now appear united in their assertion that fibre is the way forward for the UK’s digital economy. While Britain has traditionally lagged towards the bottom of the FTTH penetration league tables, the pace of change in the UK is rapidly accelerating. Ofcom’s Connected Nations report recently claimed that 1.2 million properties in the UK have now been passed with fibre.

The Fibre Connectivity Award recognises the contribution of companies who are helping to change the landscape of Britain’s broadband networks.


The IoT award

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a driving force in the evolution of the UK’s digital focus, promising to connect all things seamlessly. To deliver this vision, Britain requires ubiquitous, ultra-reliable connectivity.

This award celebrates the visionaries who are helping to make that vision a reality.


Wireless Connectivity Award

As Britain readies itself for the transformative impact of 5G mobile phone services, wireless connectivity remains at the very heart of our digital lives. WiFi, 4G and LTE will all have a role to play in supporting the country’s pivot towards 5G in the coming years. This award looks at the wide array of innovative projects and strategies that are evolving wireless connectivity in the UK.


Digital Skills Award

The Digital Skills Award recognises public-sector organisations or NGOs who have delivered a project based around skills improvement, aiding the community and safeguarding Britain’s digital future.

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The award ceremony will be held alongside the Connected Britain Conference and Exhibition. From the 19-20 June at London’s Business Design Centre, Connected Britain will bring together the key stakeholders in the UK’s digital landscape.