The tests were conducted at Singtel and Ericsson’s 5G Centre of Excellence in Singapore

Singtel and Ericsson have achieved speeds of 1.1 Gbps in their latest round of testing of a new configuration of Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology, a new record for the Asia Pacific region.

The tests combined several key LTE technologies including 256 QAM, 4×4 MIMO, and aggregating two licensed and three unlicensed spectrum bands on a TM500 Test System device.

“We are very encouraged by this breakthrough in peak speeds. In Singapore, a large percentage of mobile traffic is generated indoors with more mobile customers browsing the web, streaming video and accessing cloud applications on the go," said Mark Chong, Singtel’s group chief technology officer.

"We are now in a position to deploy LAA technology to boost our LTE mobile capacity to meet increasing traffic demand. This will allow us to deliver a faster and more reliable mobile connectivity experience even during peak periods,” he added.

The latest speed test of 1.1 Gbps breaks the previous record of 800 Mbps, set by Singtel. In October 2017, Singtel and Ericsson established a 5G Centre of Excellence to encourage the development of new 5G technology for the South East Asian market.

Singtel were nominated for three Awards at this year’s World Communication Awards, including the prestigious User’s Choice Award. Singtel also scooped two awards at the Asia Communication Awards under the Best Customer Service and Satellite Operator of the Year categories.

Singtel currently offers the fastest mobile data speeds in Singapore, achieving speeds of 500 Mbps over its 4.5G LTE networks.