Telcos set to offer range of smart city services in Bangkok, Phuket from April.

SK Telecom on Monday announced it will deploy LoRa-based IoT networks in Thailand, under a deal with state-owned operator CAT Telecom.

Central Bangkok and Phuket island will be the first areas to receive coverage. In Phuket – the initial focus for Thailand’s nationwide smart city initiative, SK Telecom said it plans to first launch a vehicle location-tracking service, followed by smart metering, and smart street lighting services.

"SK Telecom will contribute to the growth of the ICT industry in Thailand by working together with CAT Telecom in the area of IoT, while nurturing a new ICT ecosystem by cooperating with many related companies," said Cha In-hyok, EVP and head of SK Telecom’s IoT business.
Meanwhile, in Bangkok, SK Telecom plans to start with a location-tracking service pitched at tourists.

"In particular, the service is expected to prevent people especially children and the elderly from going missing near the Grand Palace, where a large number of mourners are visiting to pay their respects to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej," said the South Korean operator, in a statement.

In addition, Tree Pay – a joint venture between SK Telecom, CAT Telecom, and Korea-based payment gateway specialist NHN KCP – has launched its first payment gateway service in Thailand, which will pitch services at Thailand’s growing e-commerce market.

"Going forward, SK Telecom will collaborate with CAT Telecom in more areas to create more success stories in Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets," Cha said.