South Korea will become the first country to launch commercially viable 5G mobile network services at scale, when its big three MNOs launch services later this week

SK Telecom has claimed it will offer the most comprehensive network services in the country, ahead of South Korea’s 5G launch later this week.  

As of close of play on Tuesday SK Telecom had completed the rollout of 34,000 5G base stations which it says will give its customers the most comprehensive 5G experience. 

The company has rolled out 5G networks in 85 towns and cities across South Korea. All three of South Korea’s mobile network operators are expected to launch 5G services later this week, as the country becomes the first to launch commercial 5G services at scale.  

“SK Telecom will continue to introduce 5G-based innovative services to lead all areas of New ICT,” said Park Jung-ho, chief executive officer of SK Telecom.  

All three of South Korea’s mobile network operators, SK Telecom, LG UPlus and KT Corp turned on their 5G networks as of the 1st December, beginning the launch of commercial 5G services in the country. The services are currently limited to enterprise customers but will be extended to non business users later this week. 

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