Irish telecoms regulator, ComReg, has recently released a number of recommendations that could redefine connectivity across Ireland

Sky Ireland is to appeal against a recent ComReg directive, which allows Eir to charge retail providers up to €170 every time a customer switches between providers.   

Ireland’s telecoms regulator made the recommendation as part of its recently published Broadband Market Review, which was intended to breathe new life into Ireland’s connectivity landscape.

However, Sky Ireland says that the recommendation would stifle competition and increase the country’s dependence upon its largest telco, Eir.

“This decision by ComReg will harm competition and should be overturned so that consumers get broad access to affordable fibre broadband as quickly as possible, particularly in rural Ireland,” said Sky Ireland’s managing director, JD Buckley.

According to a report by Irish news site, Donegal Now, the €170 per customer charge could generate revenues of €75m for Eir over the next 5 years.

In a statement to the media following the release of the Broadband Market Review ComReg said that it was committed to providing a stable platform to foster favourable conditions for investment in the country’s fixed line broadband sector.

"[We] will continue to provide regulatory certainty for all market players and set the necessary conditions for sustainable competition and ongoing network investment. ComReg will be closely monitoring market developments to ensure that consumers can benefit in terms of the price, choice and quality of fixed broadband services,” said ComReg’s commissioner, Jeremy Godfrey.

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