Press Release

Snom, an international manufacturer of IP phones for businesses and professionals, has updated the functionality of its A190 headsets to make day-to-day calling more efficient for users.

The company launched its wireless A190 headset in 2019. For businesses with a DECT multicell installation, the headset offers the ability to roam up to 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors without losing signal.

It provides excellent broadband sound, including noise and echo cancellation, and a talk time of up to seven hours thanks to an integrated lithium-ion battery. When the battery runs out, the A190 is equipped with a voice output that informs the user in advance.

Until now, transferring or muting via the headset was not possible and could only be done using buttons on a paired Snom DECT phone. However new firmware for the A190, Version 520B1, enables Snom customers to assign functions to the buttons on their headsets. They can, for example, start a call or use the buttons to interact during a call.

Customers who prefer hands-free phone calls will be delighted with the flexibility these new features offer. The integrated buttons on the headset can be used to take or end a call, mute or increase the sound, put the call on hold and retrieve it, or forward the call to a number or contact directly, via speed dial.

The wireless A190 DECT headset for multicell operation is also compatible with the Snom M-series base station. Its current UVP is only £126.00 (excluding VAT).

For more information about the A190’s functions, visit the Snom website.