Press Release

Snom, the Berlin specialist in IP telephony opens the summer season with a strong price reduction of up to 15%. This price drop is possible mainly because the premium brand will now be manufactured completely by the parent company VTech, which acquired Snom at the end of 2016. The reduced price list will be effective from 6 July 2017.

The updated Snom price list will be published at the beginning of July, and Snom partners and customers will be able to benefit from considerably lower prices. This price reduction is justified by the fact that Snom, recently acquired by VTech, the multinational with headquarters in Hong Kong, will move production of their phones to the factories of the new parent company. The savings obtained will from now on be passed onto Snom partners and their customers that will also benefit from a leaner price calculation system. This price reduction is part of a series of additional measures that Snom will implement in the following months in order to get even closer to existing and future partners and customers, while increasing their market share in a decisive way. In terms of quality, Snom will never make compromises: their products will continue to maintain their well known high quality level.

"As I have already stated several times, we believe the acquisition by VTech to be an excellent development for Snom and for our partners and customers", declared Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology GmbH. "The upcoming price reduction is clear confirmation of this fact and will help our premium brand to become more attractive to a wider share of the market."

The price reductions will be effective when the new price list is published on 6 July 2017.