Press Release

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top ten global operators, announces it has enhanced its SD-WAN solutions adopting a multi-vendor approach.

Enterprise digital transformation, further accelerated by the restrictive measures adopted around the world, is driving the adoption of remote working, determining the rise of hybrid workplaces. The increasing number of branch offices and dispersed work locations – coupled with the adoption of Cloud – call for more flexible, high performance connectivity perfectly integrated with public and private Cloud services.

SD-WANs apply the Software Defined Networking (SDN) approach to Wide Area Networks (WANs), simplifying network deployment and management through application-driven policies and intelligent traffic routing.

Sparkle’s managed SD-WAN solutions leverage different features of market leading SD-WAN technologies to provide hybrid, secure and low-latency connections globally – thanks to its global IP and fiber-optic backbone and worldwide presence – as well as direct and secure access to major Cloud providers.

Unlike system integrators and technology vendors, Sparkle sets itself as an end-to-end network service provider, able to orchestrate any complexity and provide a full-blown journey from traditional to Software-Defined WANs. The technological solutions are blended with a wide suite of professional services to support customers in the design, implementation and management of the optimal SD-WAN solution for their needs.

Already adopted by several enterprises in the Food, Manufacturing and Energy sectors, Sparkle’s SD-WAN is suitable for both national and multinational companies requiring hybrid, flexible and optimized network solutions to cope with dynamic application scenarios and high bandwidth traffic flows across multiple sites and workplaces in full security.

On top of the SD-WAN MEF certification, Sparkle is going to enrich its SD-WAN offering with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to deliver even higher security features. With a Proof of Concept on “Remote Employee Access to Cloud”, celebrated by MEF with the “Business Impact Award”, Sparkle has successfully deployed an end-to-end SASE overlay across multiple SD-WANs, demonstrating its ability to establish secure and effective remote employee access to company resources located in multiple Clouds or on premise.