Press Release

Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global operators, has been selected as main Global IP Transit Service Provider to CESNET through an agreement with Prozeta, a Czech Internet Service Provider, that has won the “E-infrastructure CESNET” public tender.

The purpose of awarding this public contract was an increase in capacity and significant improvement in the parameters of international connectivity and its technological and economic optimization.
CESNET is the association of Universities and Academy of Sciences in Czech Republic in charge of the development of the national e-infrastructure for science, research and education.

The contracting entity’s project is called "E-infrastructure CESNET" and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

Seabone, Sparkle’s Tier 1 Global IP Transit backbone ranking among leading IP networks in Europe, #1 in Latin America and in the Mediterranean, provides its top performing and robust Internet connectivity in Prague and Bratislava where CESNET will enjoy an improved quality of experience for its end users at cost effective conditions.