Press Release

Spectralink, a leading provider of enterprise mobile communications solutions, partners with Telia Company, a leading Scandinavian telecommunications company, to help mid to large enterprise clients get more value from their mobility solutions. Telia Company will be leveraging the Spectralink Versity range of best-in-class enterprise smartphones, in combination with Spectralink AMIE, the new centralised control and analytics mobility intelligence platform, to help its clients achieve crystal-clear voice quality and complete coverage while centrally managing all devices through a single platform.

This partnership represents the first direct engagement with a Telecom carrier for Spectralink. It confirms Spectralink’s commitment to help users achieve access to real-time accurate information, productivity and efficiency through its range of enterprise devices and managed services solutions. Specifically, Telia Company has a remarkably strong footprint in the healthcare market in Sweden, so the company has the pulse of the requirements and pressure-points of mid to large healthcare/care delivery organizations ranging from hospitals to nursing homes.

In the healthcare sector, quality of care and positive patient outcomes rely on fast, clear and traceable communications. Centrally managing the thousands of devices that may be active on site at any one time ensures this level of efficiency and transparency: Spectralink’s Versity smartphones were selected for their reliably high level of quality which in combination with AMIE device management can play a key role in this market segment.

Spectralink also provides end users with a rich ecosystem of application partnerships (the Application Integration and Management Solutions -AIMS- Programme), providing full interoperability and empowering users. Spectralink also critically met Telia’s strict environmental protection and ethical requirements for suppliers which include production process and power transmission standards.

Julien Bertheuil, Managing Director EMEA at Spectralink Corporation, comments: “This is an exciting first for Spectralink, that signals the start of what we believe will be a fruitful partnership. We are confident that together with Telia we will be able to help end-users in the healthcare market achieve return on investment, efficiency and safety from their mobile communications investments.”

Håkan Lekberg, Commercial Product Manager Telia Procare concludes: “Finding a partner that can help us not only deliver more complete and effective management services to our customer, but that also shares our objectives is an invaluable asset. We are confident that together we will define a solid roadmap towards enterprise mobility that can revolutionise the delivery of managed services within mid to large healthcare facilities.”